Top 10 Worst Naruto Episodes


The popular anime series Naruto Shippuden has a devoted and rabid fan base. On countless forums, websites and message boards, fans passionately give their opinions and sometimes can engage in heated debates over the best episodes of the series. Fans are also equally as passionate concerning what they view as the worst episodes of the series. The following are 10 Naruto episodes that are viewed as the worst over its history.

  1. The Hot Spring Adventure—In this episode the team stops to take a break at a town with a hot springs. They find themselves being shadowed by two men who claim that Tsunade owes them money from a past debt that must be paid and end up robbing Naruto. The rest of the episode revolves around a fight between the two factions only to learn at the end the debt had been paid a year ago.
  2. Pokabu: Please Mr. Postman—This episode featured a slow moving plot line where Naruto encounters a postman who is very strict in delivering the mail. After helping Jiraiya finish a manuscript, the postman mistakenly mixes up the manuscript with a peace treaty between the Land of Fangs and the Land of Claws. While the manuscript was mistakenly delivered to the head of the Land of Fangs, it is found out he is a fan of Jiraiya’s work and there is no war.
  3. The Ramen Episode (a/k/a Mamepato: Burn Copper Pot Burn!)—this episode revolves around a cooking contest in which Naruto must beat the ninja chef Ryonin in order to free Ayame, who was acting as the taste tester for the contest. While the winner was Naruto, Ayame overate and become large. Teuchi had to create a diet ramen recipe to return Ayame to normal size.
  4. Mijumaru: A Visit from Strange Visitors—When Guy and Lee leave the village to undergo training, two men in poor Guy and Lee costumes infiltrate the village. When they are caught, they are subjected to chores such as planting 100 miles of rice and relocating manure. Many fans did not like the episode since it didn’t further any plot lines.
  5. Tsutarja: Laughing Shino—Shino and the team are hired as security for a funeral. When Shino volunteers to fill in for someone who is hired to laugh during the funeral. After eating food spiked with a laughing drug, Shino starts to laugh uncontrollably and Naruto has to take his place. This was another episode that was unpopular with fans because it didn’t further any plot lines.
  6. The Weight of the Prized Artifact—Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru help a famous artist named Shin’emon to transport his most prized possession, which is nothing more than a medium sized bowl. When the bowl gets lost in a landslide, Shin’emon laments the loss of the bowl and thinks the bowl itself was worth more than his life. When Naruto saves him and tells him to move on, Shin’emon creates another bowl.
  7. Pokabu: The Legend of the Onbaa!—In this episode a creature called the Onbaa attaches itself to Naruto’s back and causes havoc wherever he goes. The creature grows in size becoming larger than Naruto. The Onbaa eventually helps Naruto in battle and after the battle the Onbaa’s mother shows up to do battle with Naruto only to be calmed by the offspring.
  8. Mempato: Chubby’s Paradise—Princess Fuku is anxious to meet her fiancé Chikara for the first time and starts overeating. Sensitive about her appearance, she hires Princess Ino to take her place. However, Ino is turned off by the Chikara’s affections. Naruto takes matters into his own hands by transforming into Fuku himself, but his interference reveals Fuku as the true princess.
  9. Mijumaru: Live From the Forest of Death!—This episode centered on Naruto and his friends talking about past events and experiences complete with flashback scenes. Fans felt the episode to be boring and unimaginative.
  10. The Top 5 Battles Special!—For many fans, this episode felt like a parody of the best battles. The battles that were picked were derided by fans as having no action and impact. Overall, fans felt many other battles should have been included in the countdown.

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