Top 5 Naruto Shippuden’s Most Climatic Moments


One animation series that hit the industry of cartoon production is Naruto. The Japanese manga anime series is well known for its ninja inspired Japanese belief and culture from before. Its animation is creatively done and interesting not just because it is professionally and graphically created, but because its scenes are visually real. The series provides extra ordinary fighting scenes. In fact, Naruto has revealed their best scenes that hit the climax in the cartoon animated industry of epic heroes. Here are the top 5 most climatic moments.

The first of its very climatic moment is the remarkable statement of its main character Naruto.

He said that at any pain he will stand fighting before all his friends and mentor. He means to say that his friends are so very important to him. He does not deny being selfish but because of all his trust worthy brothers and sisters, he is a lot more than a selfish ninja. He treasures his friends and the people around him. Without them, his fights will be painful and full of anger.

Because of Naruto’s natural charm and friendly personality, he gained lot of friends, friends that are deeply rooted in his heart.

Next on the list is the hidden nine tailed demon in Naruto’s personality. The nine tailed fox is Kumara . Kumara tries to influence demonic element in Naruto to make him indulge into evil deeds. But unfortunately, Naruto did not accept the offer. The fox was locked in his self and soul since childhood. This fox grew as the people in their community hated him and cursed him. The hidden fox on his true self is demonic and is trying to convince him to accept evil.

However, Kumara and Naruto’s spirit matched up and has change themselves into respecting human and element. Kurama respects Naruto’s firmness on certain decisions and purposes. The fox eventually admired Naruto’s determination and firm stand on his decisions.

Another scene in the manga animation that hits the climax is the finding of the reality about Naruto’s parents. His struggle of his origin is so hard for him since Hiruzen is keeping him away from the reality which involves his real biological parents. Hiruzen hid the truth from him for his protection. However, his friends have been very supportive on his decisions. Minato Namikaze said that he will eventually find the answer about his parents and they believe in him that he will surely will. Naruto’s parents are surely one of his sources of his unique and incomparable strengths. This is scene is so dramatic.

Fourth on the line is the episode that touches everyone’s heart is when one of Naruto’s teacher and mentor has hard time deciding whether to teach Naruto or not. Iruka Umino noticed the attack of the fox to Naruto’s parents that lead them to their tragic death. It is hard for him to teach Naruto considering that he knows everything about the fox and his childhood. But, in the end he decides to help him reach his every potential. His mentor quoted to him that Naruto is different among the ninja to be. He, as a student is really uncoordinated but he has the ability that no one can replace. He believes that he is not a monster but a hero.

Last climatic scene is the same vision as Kakashi Hatake has foreseen about Naruto being a great friend. Kakashi is one of his first mentors before becoming a ninja. His teacher has seen hidden charisma and power that Naruto exceptionally possess. These top scenes showed Naruto’s great personality as one powerful ninja of his generation.

Naruto Shippuden has a lot of climatic scenes and episodes. Almost every episode has a new and thrilling excitement and you will surely look forward on what’s going to happen.

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